NHW Minutes



  • MARCH 2016


  • APRIL 2016Longbridge Neighbourhood WatchA Community Focused on Reducing CrimeMinutes of the Police Tasking and Neighbourhood WatchMeeting Monday 19th April 2016Tasking  22 attendedChaired by Sergeant Raf KhanSpeed checks – A38, 37 tickets, 3 cars seized by Woodlands.

    Street watch – Around Hollymoor area, 18/4/16. 4 people went out with Raf along Sedgebourne way.

    Arson in Frankley. More than 30 bins set alight. Have a name but not confirmed.

    Burgleries in Ward. 9 (6 left front doors open)3 people arrested, 2 for one burglary, one for another. Locked up.

    Business 2. PO Arden Road – 1 arrested, on bail.

    March. 3 vehicles stolen. 29 thefts from cars. Hollymoor, Great Park and Balaam Wood.

    Scramblers. 5 taken off road – bikes given to Bournville College for training in the Garage, i.e. stripping down and rebuilding. Section 59 warnings – first warning.

    Longbridge Town Centre – Problem family being evicted.

    Priorities – Vehicle crime, Cliff Rock Road – speed check. Callowbrook Lane.

    If you see a crime in progress call 999 1 June

    NHW – 20 attended.

    Apologies – nBruce

    Publicity – put on boards around the area – shops, etc. Deb to design a poster, printing by us; distribution by all.

    Accounts c £300 in the account after buying Street Watch equipment.

    Local intel – Linna mentioned POL cancellation, she wanted to know if it would be rescheduled. Andy mentioned the heritage day in September.

    Starbucks has been denied the use of a property adjacent to Bellfield School in Vineyard Road.

    Golf Course. – Planning application to build a school on the site.

    Ian mentioned the tipper truck. Saying how the council (BCC) say one thing but do nothing. Raf suggested asking one of the Council investigators to go around with them. Debate about the way BCC deal with dumping of rubbish ensued.

    Volunteers Week 6 – 10 June

    Meeting closed at 7:40.Next Meeting Weds 1st June 2016 at the New Frankley Parish Council Office, 12 Arden Road, B45 0JA


  • MAY 2016
  • JUNE 2016Longbridge Neighbourhood WatchA Community Focused on Reducing CrimeWed 1st June 2016 –  Minutes of the Police Tasking and Neighbourhood WatchPolice Tasking – 22 AttendedChaired by Sergeant Raf Khan with PC Chloe Gilmore attendingMAY  Priorities
    1. Hollymoor Street Patrols
    2. Ryde Park Road Speedchecks – could not be carried out due to roadworks. Planned for July instead
    3. Callowbrook Lane Speedchecks – one driver caught doing 33mph

    70 ASB reports for May, but only 11 scrambler bike reports

    Burglary – 3 burglaries and 1 distraction burglary by someone claiming to be from the

    Water Board. Please always check for ID.

    Robbery – 3 robberies -Bristol Rd, New Street, High Street. Previous Arden Rd robbery, no evidence to link known person to this robbery.

    Car Crime –  29 in April, 21 in May. Offenders locked up. One offender was arrested inside a car. Police are aware of hotspots where there is more car crime and deploy resources to those areas; such as more police patrols, plain clothes police and a decoy car. Although this makes an area more undesirable to offenders, which has the potential to displace activity elsewhere, the police aim is to catch offenders.

    Drugs – two warrants were served for supply of cannabis. One in Cock Hill Lane for possession of a CS canister and a small bag of cannabis

    Other Car Racers have been seen in Sainsbury’s Carpark, at Longbridge, after hours. Police trying to get number plates on ANPR.

    Also, please only report to police dangerous riding by pushbikes

    Fire Service are going to attend the next Tasking meeting to discuss the previous Balaam Wood arson fires.

    Longbridge Policing Priorities for June 2016

    1. Ryde Park Road Speedchecks
    2. Sainsbury’s Car Racers plus ASB
    3. Car Crime Lickey Rd, Tollhouse Rd, Bodenham Rd

    Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch

    Bruce Pitt chaired the meeting

    Apologies –  Ian Bruckshaw, Iain Cruise, Andy Cartwright, Janet Sykes, Jane Davies, Lorraine Decosta, Stephen Merrick

    Minutes from the Previous Meetingall minutes agreed

    Matters Arising from Previous Minutes

    Planning application by Bloor Homes On NW Golf Course

    Carole Griffiths suggested objectors to go online to object to planning application, but before the close off date of 23.06.2016. There is also to be a demonstration outside the golf course on 15.06.2016. Richard Burden MP said that there would be no redevelopment of the NW Golf course, endorsed by government planning inspector, as the infrastructure could not cope. The golf course is still owned by the golf club and was gifted by the Cadbury family to stay in public hands

    Publicity – Poster to advertise Police Tasking and NHW meetings to go on notice boards around the Longbridge ward.  Include Street Watch logo on the poster.

    Accounts – £400 in account. £300 has been allocated for CCTV cameras. Need to decide where to spend the remaining £100. Discussion on where to spend funding on was bollards to stop motorbikes on paths in Frankley and Cock Hill. More funding may be available from Frankley Housing Liaison Board but this would be only of benefit to Frankley. But if the bollards are successful, we may be able to get more charitable funding to do this in other areas of the Ward.

    CCTVDomehawk Cameras are in use by Arden Rd shops; the data is remotely downloaded by police. Raf is going to find information on the latest 4G Domehawk cameras. May be possible to get funding for cameras from major mobile companies.

    Check Ourwatch.org website for possible regulations on the use of CCTV for NHW. Possible need to form a policy for NHW and Street Watch for evidence gathering/data protection and the use of CCTV?

    Street WatchBruce suggested Cliff Rock Road for Street Watch Patrols

    Items of Local Interest

    • Frankley Children’s Street Party to celebrate the Queens 90th Birthday, 2nd June 2016 from 11-2pm at Frankley Children’s Centre
    • Volunteers Week – 6th June 2016
    • Richard burden MP is holding a community EU referendum meeting on 6th June 2016 at Northfield Methodist Church
    • Monthly Craft Fair on 25th June 2016 at the Hollymoor Centre, also Armed Forces Day
    • There is a Community room available at New Frankley Parish Office for the community and community groups to use. Dementia Friends and a Safety Awareness Group for Women would like to use this facility.
    • New Start, a charity based in Bromsgrove, would like to open a base here in South West Birmingham. The charity recycles donated seconded hand furniture and allocates it to those in need. It would also like a storage facility for the furniture.


    AGM and Management Committee – Bruce would like to stand down as Chair at the next AGM on the 7th July 2016. He also suggested forming a subcommittee group to help share the responsibilities and future of Longbridge NHW. The venue for meetings also needs to be moved around the Longbridge Ward.

    Next Meeting: 

    Thursday 7th July 2016 from 6pm to 8pm at Reaside Community Centre, Ormond Road, Frankley

  • JULY 2016



  • Police Tasking and Neighbourhood Watch Minutes 2015



Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch Minutes of the Police Tasking and Neighbourhood Watch

Monday 14th September 2015

Police Tasking

Chaired by Sergeant Raf Khan and PC Matt Fitzgerald


  1. ASB- 81 offences, up on last month
  2. Mini Motors- 19 offences; 16% up on last year. Arden road and Boleyn Road to have 4G CCTV cameras to monitor mini motorbike activities. Police need intelligence such as photos, videos, addresses, names, descriptions and bike registration numbers, as this behaviour can mask other problems
  3. Drugs- Edgwood Road rise in drug offences. Police gathering intelligence.

Burglary – 7 Burglaries and 2 attempted burglaries. No pattern identified

Robbery – Robbery attack on the Roundabout

Car Theft – 2 thefts from cars; 71% up on last year. Criminals may be using a gadget that uses radio frequencies to unlock them

Arson – 3 arson attacks are being investigated by C.I.D. Unfortunately, Linda Coates’s car was set on fire causing damage to her garage and the outside of her home.

Other Longbridge Police measured speeds on Edgwood Road and Ashill Road. No one was caught speeding.

Longbridge Policing Priorities

These are to remain the same as last month

 Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 13th October 2015 at the Hollymoor Centre starting at 6pm.

Please note that this meeting is being held on a Tuesday, not Monday, just for this month.

Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch
Minutes of Meeting held on 14th September 2015
Bruce Pitt chaired the meeting

ApologiesIan Bruckshaw


Minutes from the Previous Meetingall minutes agreed

Matters Arising from Previous Minutes 17000 people turned up for the Fusion Festival; down on last year’s festival. Complaints were made by local people afterwards about the state of the park, especially ruts in the ground.

Publicity Bruce said we need more publicity; he has an email list of about 40 members who do not attend the meetings. Ideas were discussed on how to keep in touch such as emailing, visiting or phoning to encourage them to attend meetings.  It’s believed that PC Wendy Jordan had a list of people who were interested in becoming coordinators, and a map of the Longbridge NHT area showing were coordinators are located.

A recruitment drive was also suggested with a stall at events, advertising on notice boards at libraries, and local supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s. Bruce is going to meet, with Trevor, Raj and Matt to discuss this further, at The Factory, on 29th September 2015

Accounts There is £400 in account but we need to look for grants to secure more funding and how we are to spend the money. Funding for publicity is still left from the Longbridge Convention.

Street WatchInsurance is still required. Reporting procedures need development. Raf recommends using Sentinel Tool. Bruce said that 30 volunteers turned up from the Military Preparation College at Balaam’s Wood Academy to help litter pick on Frogmill Walk. Some are now volunteers with Street Watch.

Items of Local Interest

Frankley Carnival went well and was well attended, although VJ day event was slow. Councilor Andy Cartwright has a public petition about police reductions. MP Richard Burden was on “Today in Parliament” discussing police funding cuts. Deb is attending a 10 week Citizens Academy course with West Mercia Police in Bromsgrove.

There is to be a Halloween Event in Frankley on the 31st October 2015 from 5pm to 8pm


·October 2015

Minutes from Tuesday 13th October 2015







November 2015











Monday 14th December 2015

6pm to 7pm Tasking Meeting-Chaired by Sergeant Raf Khan

7pm to 8pm Neighbourhood Watch Meeting- Chaired by Bruce Pitt

the two meetings tend to roll into one so NHW may start late; itis just a matter of changing who is in the Chair

  • Apologies for Abscence
  • Minutes of the previous meeting
  • Publicity
  • Accounts and Funding
  • Street Watch
  • CCTV-Matt & Ian
  • Sponsored Litter Pick
  • Items of Local Interest
  • AOB and Matters Arising
  • Next Meeting, where and when


Any queries to Longbridgeneighbourhoodwatch@hotmail.co.uk or Bruce Pitt 07779 497263

Follow us on Twitter @LongbridgeNHW and Facebook, Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch



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