Police Tasking & NHW Minutes 2017





Longbridge Police Tasking & Neighbourhood Watch Cross Border Meeting held at St.Chads Church Hall, Rubery 23.11.2017

Rubery is different to a many other communities as it’s literally divided by the two county borders of (Birmingham) West Midlands and (Bromsgrove) Worcestershire and so consequently has two major police forces policing the divided areas of Rubery. West Midlands police the Birmingham side and West Mercia police the Worcestershire side. It also has 2 neighbourhood watches for both areas of Rubery, Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch and Rubery Neighbourhood Watch.

Residents, though, experience crime and antisocial behaviour from criminals who appear to take advantage of the border, mainly from the Birmingham area coming across to the Worcestershire part and from those who use the motorway network to commit crime.

Because of this it was decided to hold a cross border meeting to share our experiences and discuss ways to help each other.

Comments received from Rubery Community Facebook group following the first cross border meeting: 

• “Interesting meeting today regarding anti social behaviour in the area. Well led by GemmaCartwright who kept it calm! I’m not interested in one political party v another just to get a job done and the area to be safe for all regardless who has won election. What I got from the meeting is that some people really need to move forward with change and what has worked
in the past clearly needs to change. Peter McDonald just needs to attending the local meetings…if he’s not invited why not? And if he isn’t why is he not pursuing these meetings? The people of Rubery just want to see better communication and safer streets and less crime……TALK TO EACH OTHER!!!!!!!!”

• “Great meeting tonight….and many congratulations on the attendance by the Birmingham side of Rubery. Their police, neighbourhood watch, councillors and MP were all present and are clearly a joined up team. If I’m honest it showed how divided and insular the Bromsgrove side of Rubery is. Let’s hope we learn and follow their lead….embracing technology and the
great community that is in Rubery, regardless of boundary lines and politics.”
• “The meeting was very informative, Gemma Cartwright was exceptional as the chairperson, a massive thank you has to go out to her. Also thank you to st chads who were great hosts. West Midlands  police spoke openly and honest as did Andy Cartwright, longbridge neighbourhood watch team and Richard Burden all were passionate and spoke from the heart. Thanks has to
go to the representatives that turned up from Bromsgrove side from Rubery’s  neighbourhood
watch and Peter McDonald. We are let down by so many our side of the boarder. The key now has to be communication we need to start working together if we want to be as successful as the longbridge ward. Then once we connect the 2 up Rubery will be a great village again but I  cannot stress enough how important it is all the groups work together and communicate. It was good to see Sas and Tristan there who can help with communication too. Finally Peter McDonald the offer is open for you to put any community messages out through the group page to show Rubery what you are working on.”
• “Great meeting tonight….and many congratulations on the attendance by the Birmingham side of Rubery. Their police, neighbourhood watch, councillors and MP were all present and are clearly a joined up team. If I’m honest it showed how divided and insular the Bromsgrove side of Rubery is. Let’s hope we learn and follow their lead….embracing technology and the
great community that is in Rubery, regardless of boundary lines and politics.”
• “After attending yesterday’s meeting re: anti social behaviour in the area, I was left confused. There were several meetings/representatives mentioned and now I’m not sure which ones are for which boundaries side, which ones the public can attend and when they next take place. I would be really grateful if anyone can clarify!”
• “Positive step forward with Sajid Javid, I received a letter from his office and an invite to discuss the recent issues we have faced as a community over the last few months. I have accepted the offer and asked Nicola Suciu to also attend so we can put your concerns across to Mr Javid. If you have any concerns please message any of the admin and we will try our best to raise all points. This does not take away from tonight in anyway shape or form, we need to all be united tonight and inform the police and local councillors of our concerns.
Also worth remembering Andy Cartwright is working hard and fighting our corner so he deserves our respect. I look forward to meeting those I don’t already know.”



Neighbourhood Watch – Chaired by Gemma Cartwright
Tasking Meeting – Chaired by Sergeant Lee Howard
Apologies for Absence Ian Cruise, Sas & Marty Taylor.
Bruce Pitt, Ian Bruckshaw, Susan Bradley will be arriving later due to this meeting clashing with Frankley Parish Council’s Meeting.
Minutes of the Previous Meeting All agreed
Accounts & Funding  
Frankley parish councillor, Trevor Muddyman, has made £159 from selling target hardening security equipment to residents in Frankley (More below) plus a grant of £100.
Street Watch
Karen has decided to resign from Street Watch as there is not much support for it in her area. But our many thanks go to her for all her efforts.
There is going to be a meeting to discuss funding for CCTV
What’s going on in your Neighbourhood Watch area?
Arden Rd: There has been problems with cars speeding. Someone regularly dumps rubbish into a stream. See B31 Voices website where you can check to see who has licences for dumping
Ormond Road: There is a petition in the area to stop cars speeding. Two boys have sadly died in recent years after being hit by cars driving over the speed limit. Calming measures have also been applied for.
Holly Hill Road: Local schools have sent out letters to warn parents in schools about speeding. “20 is plenty” and community speed watch. Andy is going to feed back at the next meeting
Edgewood Road  Residents are experiencing antisocial and intimidating behaviour from local youths. Drug dealing is still going on. Carole Griffiths is arranging a follow up meeting with residents of Edgewood road. She would like to form a neighbourhood forum for Rubery and Rednal residents on Monday 25th September, 7pm at St. Stephens Church.

Good practices from NHW coordinators:
Lorraine sends out a monthly newsletter plus posters advertising the meeting. She also has 48 “No valuables left in car” and “We do not buy from door” stickers and notices available.
Karen said that her Neighbourhood watch group uses “What’s App” and has formed a private group on there to share information. They recently helped a neighbour who was experiencing antisocial behaviour.
Carol has been a NHW coordinator for several years and has been proactive in keeping her neighbours informed about Neighbourhood watch issues. Her area has experienced some issues with a local pub and they had to get licensing involved. All this took a stressful four years to resolve but has had no problems since.
Janet sends out leaflets and notices to her Neighbourhood Watch members.
Trevor  has made £159 from selling target hardening products such as dummy CCTV cameras and televisions, shed alarms and personal attack alarms to Frankley residents. He is going to have a surgery on Wednesdays at the Frankley Parish office, in Arden Road, where general security and target hardening products will be available (for a small donation) to neighbourhood watches in the Longbridge area.

Target Harding Surgery: – 9.30pm to 12.30pm, every Wednesday until the end of October, at Frankley Parish Council Office, Arden Road, Frankley. Anyone in the Longbridge area can obtain general security and target hardening products for a small donation
Meeting at St. Stephens Church to form a neighbourhood forum for Rubery and Rednal residents, Monday 25th September, 7pm at St. Stephen’s Church.
Hollymoor Craft Group meet at Hollymoor Chapel every Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm
Play Days group meet at St Stephen’s Church every Wednesday to promote healthy eating.
Waterside Event, Frankley, Friday, 10am to 3.30pm. Meet at Arden Road.
New bicycle track on land on the corner of Boleyn Road and Frankley Hill Lane. Contact Peter McDonald for more information. There will be feedback at the next meeting.
£48,000 has been made available from the Longbridge ward forum to ‘train a trainer’ to go into local schools with specific aims to help autism children.
“New Starts” charity have applied for funding to kit out houses with free furniture to help people in debt and have lost their homes. They collect unwanted furniture that residents donate to them.
The Project” charity in Belton Grove, Rubery has applied for funding to give more help for over 25s.
Reaside and Colmers School have interventions to help under 10s pupils who are on the verge of being excluded from school.
Organic garden in Rednal where you can grow your own food and be taught how to cook healthy meals
Longbridge Town centre, Harvest Festival, Saturday 23rd September
Fathers Barn, Rubery, car boot vintage sale, Sunday 24th September
Northfield Police are holding a World Café presentation and networking event at the Factory, Longbridge, Saturday 23rd September from 9am to 1pm.
Longbridge Life has an events list for Active Citizens activities

AOB & Matters Arising
Councillor Carole Griffiths is to survey young people to find out what they would like to have in their area.

Next Meeting: Thursday 19th October 2017 at St. Stephens Church, Edgewood Road, Rednal, B45 9SG, 6pm to 8pm.



JULY 2017


Thursday 13th July 2017 at Longbridge Methodist Church

In Attendance: 28 persons present.

Apologies for Absence: Janet Sykes, Ian Cruise, Carole Griffiths, Sas & Marty Taylor.

Minutes of the previous meeting: All approved

Publicity: Both Twitter & Facebook are very successful with more members joining every week.

Accounts & Funding
There is £600 in the kitty but this can only be used for Frankley residents who are elderly or vulnerable. Terry is trying to get funding as he’s on the Police Lottery funding agency. Longbridge Businesses are trying to raise £2000 and Gemma has put in a community bid for funding. But, ultimately, we may have to fund raise ourselves

Street Watch

Sharon begins her shift in the Parish Office in Frankley when she is on an early shift as this is easier for her. Street Watch requires funding for insurance purposes as well but there may be funding for Longbridge through the housing liaison board
Bruce, Sharon & Ian have regular walkabouts in Frankley around the shops and houses and would like to form a Street Watch in the Cock Hill Lane area of Rubery.
A Street Watch was formed in Hollymoor last year & have two volunteers to regularly go around the area to introduce street watch to residents, as well as looking out for crimes, antisocial behaviour, suspicious cars and fly tipping. They have had many successes; one incident was where residents were having their car wheels slashed, Street Watch managed to resolve the problem. But they would like more support & more volunteers from us as there is not much help coming from residents. Street Watch is very successful & rewarding but it’s not just about crime. They have visited the local ambulance station as the sirens were too loud where they met the paramedic in charge to explain. Now the ambulances do not put on their sirens until they are away from the area. They have dealt with lost dogs too.
Email Gemma if you would like to volunteer for Street Watch or to start one in your area
Stuart from the Housing Liaison Board told the group that there is funding for Longbridge through Housing Liaison Board. Frankley HLB are going to experiment with different CCTV cameras to see which is best & then feedback to Lee. There are council criteria and regulations for putting CCTV in public areas.

  • Stuart is going to email Gemma about funding for CCTV
  • Gemma going to forward a Link about where to get business support for CCTV.
  • Frankley HLB to experiment with different types of CCTV Cameras

AOB & Matters Arising

Concerns were expressed over cars parking on the pavements. The police said there is no actual law to stop this. Although Councils can make their own local bylaws. London has made it illegal to park on their pavements. Lee is going to look at this problem in Frankley and around Trescott Road.
Lee asked for residents to send him VRN plate numbers, and photographs of those who park on the pavements in the area

  • Gemma is going to obtain the parking regulations from a council meeting.
  • “Park it, don’t Block It” leaflets for the next Meeting.

Unlicensed and SORN cars can be recovered by the police if they suspect they have been used in crimes but only if the car is on the road and not on private land. The government website https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-tax can be used by anyone to check the status of a car to see if it’s taxed. You will need to know the make and model of the car as well as the VRN number. Lee requested that we send him emails about suspect vehicles.

  • Ian is going to bring the regulations about SORN cars to the next meeting.

Items of Local Interest
Next Meeting: Thursday 21st September 2017, 6pm at Hollymoor Church


Chaired by Sargent Lee Howard, PCSO Sharon Hadley also attended


Crime figures have risen with a total of 17 more crimes and 5 more burglaries than this time last year. There has been a great deal of reorganisation and restructuring in West Midlands Police. Recording of burglaries has also changed. Police get 30,000 calls per day. Longbridge Police support other areas such as Weoley Castle, Northfield, Kings Heath as required. Police have recruited new officers but it takes time to train them first. Intelligence networks help police to identify patterns of crime. ASB & Persistent crimes then take precedence.

Edgewood Rd

Police have received many complaints and emails about drug dealing around the shops in Edgewood Road. An application has been submitted to install Dome Hawk Cameras, to help to identify who is dealing, and for a Public Space Protection order to put in place.

Dispersal orders were in place for 2 days, with 2 arrests made for procession of drugs.

Arden Rd

Elderly people are frightened to go to Arden Rd shops to collect prescriptions.

PCSO Sharon Hadley is going to get impact statements about Arden Rd shops, but the police need the residents to be more prepared to give statements and to go to court. A Public Space Protection order has been applied for as there has been drug dealing and drinking going on all day, and for an alcohol-free zone. Plain clothes police are patrolling the area.

Prince Charles Close.

Cars have been seen driving very fast and bikes riding antisocially and doing wheelies.

Sharon patrols between 3pm and 12am in the area.

Rea Ford Way

No one was hurt in a recent crash.

Great Park

The Empire cinema did have a rise in car and bike theft but since a suspected offender was arrested, the number of car and bike theft has dropped.

Holly Hill Road & Prospero Close

Residents are complaining about loud music.

Albert Close

A resident reported picking up drug packets in a place where children play. They have got car registration numbers as well. Lee said that there are things going on behind the scenes and he cannot always feed back to us.


Steering group to get funding to put CCTV in a carpark. The housing liaison board are trying to get lockable barriers. New barriers are being designed for Princess Diana Road. Frankley are experimenting with CCTV to see which is best and will feedback to Lee.

“All out Day”

West Midlands Police had a recent “All out Day” event where many arrests were made by the force. Longbridge Police have also made decent arrests this month. Lee has made an arrest for car theft. Police tend to use vehicles to patrol as it’s not always possible to patrol on foot.


The 101 non-emergency telephone system is experiencing difficulties due to an unprecedented demand. Staff grade reports and create log numbers of reported incidents. More staff have been recruited so response times will get better. A resident said it takes so long to get through on 101, that offenders have gone by the time they get through.

Richard Burden said that West Midlands Police Force has lost 2000 officers since 2010. Crime hotspots could be identified by 101 control staff by analysing the location and number of calls coming from an area. Lee cannot be expected to deal with all incidents immediately. Incidents are dealt with based on risk and demand, i.e. child exploitation will take priority over a stolen car.


The hotspot areas of Arden Rd and Edgewood Road are currently Lee’s main priority and is collecting evidence from these areas. Intelligence is passed to Lee and data collected from identified hotspots will be fed back to us

Current Hotspots

Northfield High Street

Weoley Castle

Great Park Empire Cinema

Edgewood Rd.

Arden Road

Stop & Search Stop & search criteria are being reviewed. Stops are intelligence led and are not random.

Knife Crime

Schools make own decisions regarding knife scanners etc. Prevention measures are in place in schools and are intelligence led. A police officer has produced a policy for prevention of knife crime for schools in area.


Please put your name & a contact number on all emails to Lee. He does reply to emails and any information is fed back into police systems.

A live chat facility is on many national police websites but the West Midlands police website does not have that facility. Lee is going to found out if it can be put on the website

Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch

A Community Focused on Reducing Crime

Any queries to Longbridgeneighbourhoodwatch@hotmail.co.uk or Bruce Pitt 07779 497 263 Follow us on Twitter @LongbridgeNHW and Facebook Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch

Web: https://longbridgenhw.wordpress.com/




MAY 2017

Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch
A Community Focused on Reducing Crime

Minutes of the Police Tasking and Neighbourhood Watch held Thursday 18th May 2017 at St. Stephen’s Church, Edgwood Road, Rednal, B45 5SG

Chair: Gemma Cartwright and Sgt Lee Howard

Attendance: 23

Apologies: Ian Cruise, Karen Nichols, Sas & Marty Taylor, Ian Bruckshaw, Jim & Mary Killeen, Linna Sheridan

Chair’s Comments
Gemma said that Lee was attending the meeting later so it was decided to have the Neighbourhood Watch part of the meeting first, followed by the Tasking meeting.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting
All approved

The website for Longbrid ge Neighbourhood Watch has been updated and the menu is more user friendly (www.longbridgenhw.wordpress.com)
B31 Voices has also advertised our meetings on their website (www.B31.org.uk)

Accounts & Funding
£600 has been received by Frankley Parish Council to buy target hardening items such as dummy CCTV’s, locks etc, but only for Frankley residents.

Street Watch
Bruce and PCSO Sharon Hadley have had regular wanders around Frankley and Cock Hill Lane estates. Bruce said it certainly gave him a completely different perspective on these areas and gave him insight to how police see these places from a crime point of view. Karen is going to give some Street Watch kit to Lickey Road and Heron’s Wood area of Longbridge.
Bruce confirmed some of the legal points about the use of CCTV. He had spoken to Tony Quigley, from Birmingham City Council, who said that there are very strict rules around the installation and viewing of any CCTV which is installed by any public body. But it is perfectly legal for residents to install CCTV on their own homes. It is expensive to for householders to buy CCTV, costing around £300 to £400. One way around this is for Frankley Parish Council to purchase a ‘user friendly’ portable CCTV system which could be moved around the district as needed. The images could then be viewed by the police. Bruce is finding out more about this.


-CCTV footage of opportunist criminals trying car doors in Longbridge was posted on Facebook. I t would have been better to have emailed it to the police or Andy or Carole first.

-Masked bikers have been seen riding in an antisocial manner on Lickey Road and have also been seen going into Cofton Park. Gemma asked residents to report incidents to 101 so that the police have a record of these bikers and if anyone has any evidence such as photos, or even know addresses where bikes are located, to email Lee as well. A section 59 notice can be issued to those addresses and if they are council tenants, this can put the tenancy at risk.

-Youths pulled down a brick wall at the scout hut in Heron Road and Leach Green Lane. Residents cleared away the rubble but it’s going to cost £800 to rebuild the wall.

-Discussion took place on ways to prevent antisocial behaviour. Government funding cuts are beginning to bite as the police do not have enough manpower and Longbridge also has no youth workers either to tackle antisocial behaviour. Youngsters need to be engaged in more suitable activities. Balaam’s Wood school have a school council to stop pupils getting into trouble. Councillors Andy Cartwright and Peter McDonald are getting together to find ways as well.
-Police from other areas cover Longbridge when the neighbourhood team are not on duty. A plea was made by Gemma for us to send emails to Lee, as well as reporting via 101 or to Crime Stoppers if you want to remain anonymous.

-‘Eat Well, Move Well’ activities, such as basketball, are being planned for youngsters over the summer, to prevent them getting into trouble, particularly in known trouble ‘hotspots. More volunteers are needed to help in the community, especially those who are willing to volunteer at different times such as evenings and weekends. Volunteers working with young people will need DVS checks.

-Gemma and Andy recently met with the police crime commissioner and police chiefs to discuss ways to tackle knife crime and gangs. As Longbridge does not receive funding like Aston or Handsworth, they asked for more resources and skills to be brought to the Longbridge community by August.


APRIL 2017

Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch
A Community Focused on Reducing Crime
Minutes of the Police Tasking and Neighbourhood Watch held Wednesday 12th April 2017

Chaired by Gemma Cartwright and Sgt Lee Howard

In Attendance: 24
Apologies: Karen Nicholls, Cllr Carole Griffiths, Richard Burden MP
Chair’s Comments: Gemma thanked everyone for attending & thanked the church for the venue. It was decided to hold the Neighbourhood Watch part of the meeting first as Lee could not attend until later.
NHW Meeting

Minutes of the last Meeting:

Deb is emailing these out to every one at a later date

Twitter & Facebook doing well. Durham Fraud Police, via Twitter(@DurhamFraud) helped & gave guidance when Deb’s Dad was a victim of a serious fraud scam.
Sas, from B31 Voices, has a page on the website for advertising local events and we can advertise our meetings on there.
Accounts & Funding

There is £600 in the account for target hardening equipment. Gemma met with Lee to discuss the use of funds from the police. Street Watch and Neighbourhood Watch need to renew insurance policies, but need quotes first.

Street Watch

If anyone would like to set up a Street Watch, please let Karen know. PCSO Sharon Hadley and Bruce have been on Street Watch on the Cock Hill Estate. Bruce found it very enlightening. Sharon has set up a working group with Grisdale Sheltered Scheme.

Antisocial Motorbikes

There was a Facebook group, B31 Bike Watch, where members could post incidents and photos of bikes and riders, but this has been shut down. Police have recovered three off-road bikes from a house in Frankley. Bruce and Ian are going to meet with PC Sherry Lee on the 27th April to discuss off-road bikes being ridden in an antisocial manner in the area. Bruce suggested using housing liaison board funding to put in physical preventative measures (gates, bollards, barriers etc.) to deter bikers in the area. Frankley Street Champions use tree branches to act as barriers on paths to deter off-road bikes. Cllr Andy Cartwright and Cllr Peter McDonald ( Cllr for Bromsgrove side of Rubery) are to meet to discuss this off road bike issues as well.
Deelands Road bikers have not reappeared. Police have been door knocking in the area to put across the message about the legal requirements of owning such bikes, such as being road worthy, having a licence and MOT, as well as having number plates and wearing helmets. The police have powers, under Section 59, to seize bikes.

Items of Local Interest
• Good Friday Event with Hot Cross Buns, 11am to 2pm, Hollymoor Church
• Easter Egg Hunt, Friday 14th April, 11am at Balaam’s Wood Orchard, Frankley
• Pride of Longbridge Event, Saturday 15th April, 10am to 4pm, Cofton Park, Rednal.
• Longbridge Life Crafters Event, Saturday 15th April, Longbridge High Street.
• Gemma has been on ‘Made in Brum TV’ talking about Longbridge Heritage.
• Bruce and Linda have been filming with the BBC, with Frankley Street Champions for “Dom on the Spot”.
• Dementia Volunteers
Matters Arising Linda’s neighbour in Bourlay Close, Frankley, had their car window smashed with a hammer, on 11th April, between 8pm & 8.30pm. A large amount of soil has also been dumped from the bridge into the stream in Frankley. In Sedgbourne Way, Great Park, a pellet gun was fired and hit a bathroom window whilst a baby was in the bath. Deelands Road Hall is to reopen on the 25th April
AOB It was pointed out that to dial 101 is not free.
Next Meeting:
Thursday 18th May 2017 from 6pm to 8pm, at St. Stephens Church, Edgewood Road, Rednal, B45 9SG

Longbridge Police Tasking Meeting
Chair : Sergeant Lee Howard
Updates on  Previous Meeting:
Lee gave us the good news that the lady who was sleeping in her lounge, had now gone back to her bedroom to sleep. She had been given plenty of police support and the crime issues had now been sorted. From information given at the last meeting, the police have since seized a car.
The police are unable to give the number of arrests made in the Longbridge area due to privacy issues.
The Longbridge Neighbourhood Policing Team has 1 sergeant, 4 police officers and 5 PCSOS on duty at any one time, with 2 police officers currently on restricted duties. Police are allocated on demand and resources. West Midlands Police are recruiting at the moment.
Crime Figures:
From April 2016 to April 2017, there had been 56 more offences reported than from the same time period 2015 to 2016 . Burglaries are up by 3; theft from cars up by 3, stealing from cars up by 2; and robbery up by 2.
The drug squad has been superseded by the Cannabis Disposal Team. Longbridge Police can deal with most drug crimes but more serious incidents are passed onto a higher level such as the Serious Organised Crime Team. There have been no incidents on the use of ‘Black Mamba’ detected in Longbridge.

Although the figures are up, three people have been arrested of which one is in prison on remand.

Suspicious Cars:
Police are able to put PNC markers on suspect cars. Please pass on any information to Lee.

Car Theft:
Police have received photos of incidents in Birch Avenue, where there had been reports of suspicious men trying car doors. Lee advised all of us that when we remotely lock our cars, we must double check that the doors are actually locked.
Credit cards, stolen from broken-into cars, were found to have been used in supermarkets. A capture van has been placed into the Longbridge area but with no results yet.

Lee said that just seizing bikes alone will not solve the problem of antisocial bikers; offenders can easily buy another motorbike from internet web sites such as Gumtree for minimal cost. So instead, police and housing associations will investigate the addresses and occupants of offenders, especially persistent repeat offenders. They will be given advice on breaches of tenancy and antisocial behaviour contracts may be issued. Information will also been sent to insurance companies by the police. Occupants at these addresses may possibly be involved in other criminal activity, which again may be a breach of their tenancy, and so the possibility of eviction. Hopefully this will make them think twice about their behaviour.
Where vulnerabilities are identified, the police will offer support and diversion opportunities to encourage families to behave more responsibly.
The police need more information to identify the addresses of these off road bike offenders. Lee said that even small pieces of intelligence can be put together like a jigsaw, to obtain a bigger picture, so he asked for people to continue to send in any info such as names, addresses, descriptions, photos or videos, that can all help to identify offenders.
Several people commented on how difficult it is to contact the police on 101 and even if they do, they feel they are getting a poor response. So Lee suggested that members use email to contact him :-

How to Contact Longbridge Police:

If any members do not have email, they can contact Frankley Parish Council to pass on messages or contact Andy Cartwright or Gemma Cartwright.
Or phone Longbridge Police Station direct.
Lee also advised using Crime Stoppers ( phone 0800 555 111 ) to pass on crime information anonymously. The details and the person reporting information are not released and there are procedures are in place to thoroughly protect the privacy of the person reporting.

Off Road Bikes & ASB

Police are aware of the issue with bikes riding in the Frankley fields and have been liaising with West Mercia Police who cover that area. Lee explained that the police are not authorised to chase the bikes (in the interests of the safety of riders and the general public), so again information such as descriptions, addresses and locations of where bikes are coming to and going from, or even stored, are needed from us, so the police can then investigate these people and places.


Because the police need us to give them good evidence that they can act on, Bruce stated that this was a very good reason to get a very good CCTV camera that can be moved around the area as required. Tim Jarvis from Hollymoor Church was recommended as someone who could give good advice on CCTV cameras and possibly give us training in their use.
Gangs in Longbridge
There has been one assault in Holly Hill Road and there were gunshots fired in Tarragon Gardens. Witnesses are coming forward and enquiries are ongoing.
A woman had approached Frankley Parish Council with concerns for her son’s safety.

Young People
We would like to encourage more younger people to become involved in Neighbourhood Watch and to channel others away from crime.
There is not much for young people, especially those from low income families, to do for free in Hollymoor. Eastside Birmingham do a lot to engage youngsters in activities, which helps to steer them away from criminal activities. Ideas were discussed on what we could do to help, but we need to ask the youngsters themselves what they would like to do. Ideas were suggested such as using a minibus to take youngsters to Frankley Youth Centre, fishing, setting
up a Mending Café ( items are mended by youngsters) and asking the Military College for support. We could ask school councillors to attend our meetings. James runs ‘Focus through Sport’ but costs £6 per day. Bruce suggested that funding could come from the Community Chest so that young people could access these things for free.
Lee said that PCSOs are allocated to primary schools as needed and act as a point of contact, but he pointed out that generally it’s a small group of the same individuals causing trouble and tend to come from difficult, challenging backgrounds.
It was decided to set up a Steering Group to find activities for young children, five years and up, and one for older children.
Waste Rubbish Collections
There have been serious problems with waste not being collected on time due to unresolved staffing issues at Lane Depot. Last Year recycling bins in Frankley were deliberately set on fire when waste was not collected.
Police Crime Commissioner
Cllr Andy Cartwright and Cllr Carole Griffiths are going to meet with the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner, David Jamieson, on the 21st April. They are concerned about how much Longbridge has changed in the last few years and how it has increased it’s residential population since police numbers were initially allocated to the area. Police numbers and resources need to be increased to reflect this change.
They would like us to come up with three structured questions to ask the Commissioner. Please email your questions to:
andy.cartwright@bham.gov.uk or carole.griffiths@bham.gov.uk

Next Meeting

Thursday 18th May 2017 from 6pm to 8pm, at St. Stephens Church, Edgewood Road, Rednal, B45 9SG.


MARCH 2017


Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch
A Community Focused on Reducing Crime
Minutes of the Police Tasking and Neighbourhood Watch held Friday 9th February 2017

Chaired by Gemma Cartwright and Sgt Lee Howard
In Attendance: Gemma Cartwright, Sergeant Lee Howard, Lorraine DaCosta, Andy Grinnall, Kevin Smith, Trevor Muddyman, M.Burlinson, Councillor Carole Griffiths, John Horton, Linna Sheridan, Shaun Kearney, Carol Paul, L.Wills, L.Sumer, Darron Hartford, Amy Watson, Richard Burden MP, Roger Kenyon, Marion Kenyon, Deborah Ruston.
Apologies: Linda Coates, Bruce Pitt, Ian Cruise, Ian Bruckshaw, Karen Nicholls, Jim and Mary Killeen.

Chair’s Comments:

Gemma introduced and welcomed the new Sergeant for Longbridge, Sergeant Lee Howard. The meeting was very well attended and lively. It gave Sergeant Lee Howard a chance to know us and for us to know him. People raised many issues that were linked to the area to where they lived. As there were so many points raised, there will be feedback at the next meeting. Sergeant Howard was pleased to see so many people passionate about their area and having the chance to express their opinions.

Police Tasking:

Gemma introduced the new sergeant for Longbridge, Sergeant Lee Howard. He began his new post on 9th January 2017. Lee said he’s been in the police for 15 years, despite his youthful looks!

John who previously lived in Northfield Ward has moved to Bournville and asked which police Neighbourhood Team he now comes under. Lee is going to give him the contact details.

During the first transition phase of 20/20, 14 Police Community Support Officers have been allocated to Longbridge, all based on demand. Officer numbers have since increased


Hollymoor Site: Needles have been found. A dark black, Corsa car, reg no. DA52 AVE, had been seen visiting the area between 6pm and 11.15pm, on a road opposite the park. Lee advised residents to try to get registration numbers of suspicious cars.

Frankley: Terry would like the drug squad to visit Frankley as residents have been complaining for 4 yrs about drug dealing going on 24 hrs per day. Unfortunately the Drug Squad has been disbanded. On the 8th April, police ran drug raids across constituencies. Drugs were found.

Lickey Estate: Residents have reported joy riders and drugs dealing to the police. Many residents find dialling the police on 101 very frustrating. This frustration was agreed with by most from the floor too.

Cloned registration plates for a fiesta vehicle have been found in a drain. The car has also been seen for sale in Buckinghamshire.

Ways to Contact the Police

  • Discussion took place on other ways to talk to the police such as using email, messaging on Facebook or Twitter, although in emergencies, 999 is best. Many police stations front desks are closed to the public, although Bournville Police Station is open to the public 24 hours. The Police are willing to get involved so if you see officers about, please speak to them. Park view residents said they have set up a residents Facebook page.
  • Lee said that all incidents are risk assessed and prioritised

Total Crime

  • Lee reported a slight rise in the number of crimes across all offences in the Ward.
  • It was suggested that it would be good to have figures for the number of arrests made by the police
  • A Capture vehicle will be deployed in high crime areas.


There has been a rise in burglaries. Small groups are usually responsible for burglaries in Longbridge. Lee is going to circulate ‘Hot spots’ map of crimes for us, to show where clusters of crime are happening.

  •  Longbridge has a designated neighbourhood team of 5 officers and 3 PCSOs on duty at anyone time. Hub response teams move on demand if needed.
  • Colmers School: 4 arrests have been made but the police need more evidence. They can only keep people in custody for 24 hrs and then they are released on bail.
  • Corriander Close: Warrants have been issued to people who were planning an assault. 12 people have been arrested and bailed
  • Balaams Estate, Hollymoor: residents are being bothered by scrambler motorbikes riding antisocially with no lights, helmets or number plates. Residents would like to have more police about.
  • A question was asked if crimes are committed by the same repeat offenders?
  • Richard Burden said welcome to Longbridge Lee! He suggested that we need to set priorities as we all come from different areas and communities; even some of us are from the very edge of Birmingham and into Worcestershire.

Communications Before Meetings

Please send in your questions  or requests for information prior to meetings.

NHW Meeting

Street Watch:

PC Sharon Hadley & Bruce have identified alleyways on the Cock Hill Estate and in Frankley, were the installation of bollards would be most effective. Street Watch have recently recruited 6 new members.

Local Issues

Cofton Park Drive and Lickey Road Areas have seen car crime, damage to property, drugs, arson and environmental issues of rubbish being dumped.
Queen Elizabeth Rd, Frankley: People have reported drug dealing going on in the car park. Reported car registrations will go through PNC.

Sedgbourne Way: Off road bikes have been riding on pavements and by the reservoir. Cars have also been seen racing around.

Bodenham Road: Speeding cars

Golf Course: Plans for the golf course were discussed at the March ward community meeting

NHW Coordinators:

It was suggested that a current list of neighbourhood Watch coordinators in Longbridge needs to be put together. Terry has an old list of names of Longbridge Coordinators. We need to encourage coordinators and the public to follow NHW accounts on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The Ourwatch website has search facilities to find your local NHW. Coordinators can register their own NHW there too.

1. Cock Hill Estate
2. Cofton Park
3. Kier Estate

Next Meeting

The next meeting date has yet to be decided but it will be held in Hollymoor Church at the Hollymoor Centre.