Longbridge NHW Constitution


  1. Name – Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch
  2. Object – To develop and promote Neighbourhood Watch within the Longbridge Ward.
  3. Membership
    • All Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators resident or business based in Longbridge Ward and registered with Longbridge Police,
    • Ward Councillors,
    • Such people as the above members consider will help the objectives of Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch (LNW).
  4. Meetings
    • Regular meetings will be held immediately following police tasking meetings.
    • An AGM will be held at a time and place to be decided by the membership.
    • Local meetings will be held as agreed with local coordinators to meet local needs.
    • Extraordinary meetings may be called via the Chair.
    • Only people who are registered with LNW would be eligible to vote, any other NHW person could express their opinions and ideas but would have no voting rights.
  5. Officers
    • The 3 usual posts of Chair, Treasurer and Secretary will be augmented by such officers as the members consider necessary for the effective running of the meeting.
    • The offices of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer may not be held for more than 3 consecutive years.
  6. Finance
    • Any money received on behalf of Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch shall be held in an account designated by the membership.
    • The funds shall only be used for the fulfilment of the objectives stated above.
    • Expenses shall be paid on the authority of 2 officers other than the recipient and reported to the next meeting.
    • Any bank account shall have a minimum of 3 signatories of which 2 should authorise any payments.
    • Audited accounts will be presented to the AGM
    • Should the organisation be dissolved any remaining funds should be given to organisation(s) with similar aims.