Who do I contact about…….?



The seven local authorities in the West Midlands each have their own Environmental Services departments to deal with complaints about noise nuisance.

Examples of Noise Nuisance can include:

Loud music or television 🎤🎧📺📻
Raised voices 😡 😡
Animal noise (e.g. barking dogs) 🐕🐾
Noise from pubs or clubs 🍻🍺🍾🍹
Home improvement at unreasonable hours of the day  🔨🔧

Burglar and car alarms 🛎 🚘
Noise from loudspeakers, machinery or vehicles in the street 📢 🎧🏍
Noise from demolition or construction works 🛠⚒🔩⚙
Noise from commercial or industrial premises💽🎛📇🖋

They cannot take action against noise from normal traffic, aircraft, children playing or any reasonable domestic activities.

The police have no powers of prosecution for noise offences.

To make a complaint about noise, please use the contact details below for your relevant local authority. Most of these websites offer advice, reporting forms, factsheets and record sheets so you can log dates and times of when the noise nuisance has occurred over a period of time.

Birmingham City Council

Click the ‘report noise nuisance’ button to complete an online report.
Telephone: 0121 303 6007


🚘  🚛 🚚 🏎 🏍

West Midlands Police will only get involved if there is evidence to suggest that the vehicle is suspicious in anyway, so how is this dealt with?

Contact Birmingham City Council and use their nuisance vehicle reporting form

Here’s the link Nuisance Vehicles