Information for Neighbourhood Coordinators


You Don’t need to be a Hero to join Neighbourhood Watch 

Every Neighbourhood Watch scheme is different because each is run by and for the members of its community, to meet that community’s specific needs.

If you’re thinking of starting a scheme, pay a visit to where there’s loads of useful information there to help you kick things off.

We also hold regular co-ordinator’s meetings where you can chat to existing co-ordinators, and get all the advice and support you need to run your scheme successfully. Because every Neighbourhood Watch scheme is different, every co-ordinator works in a different way so there are no rigid codes of practice. We all live in different environments;we may live on a busy road or in a quiet cul de sac, so what works for a watch in one area may not be right for another.

The list below is offered just as a guide. Some will achieve more, others less, but we all work towards the same goal to reduced crime in our neighbourhoods so please just adapt these to suit your own neighbourhood watch role. Generally speaking though, co-ordinators should ideally aim to:

  • get to know and be known by members of your group
  • act as a point of contact between your group and your local neighbourhood policing team.
  • encourage regular contact between group members to foster a community spirit.
  • help the group to be vigilant and to recognise where opportunities for crime exist in your area.
  • be prepared to receive and pass information from the police service and to feed back information to your group.
  • be aware of suspicious occurrences in your area and to report them promptly to the police.
  • get to know your  local Neighbourhood Policing Team and encourage their involvement in your group.

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