Scam Phone Calls

Scam phone calls across Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.

As the public’s awareness of scam phone calls increases, community’s have been able to prevent fraud.

Despite several further scam phone calls being made across three counties, each of the victims have been aware that this is a scam and have not been conned out of any money.

West Mercia Police are continuing to urge people to be vigilant. The majority of offences took place in Herefordshire, with the Bromyard area a particular target. Typically older people are receiving the phone calls.

Calls have also been made to victims in Worcester, Droitwich and Shifnal within the past fortnight. On each occasion the victims have realised this is a scam, and have not been conned out of any money.

In the majority of occasions the scammers have claimed that they are from the police and that the victim’s card has been used fraudulently. Typically they have then been known to ask the victim to contact their bank, but remain on the line in order to obtain their details before sending a courier to collect their card. More recently they have been known to ask the victim to transfer money to what they claim is a ‘secure police account’.

On two occasions the scammers have claimed to be from the ‘Ministry of Justice’ stating that the victim is overdue a large amount of money. On another occasion the scammers told a victim that he had been mis-sold insurance and he would be given a cheque. To obtain this he would need to get a non existent ‘money guarantee form’ from the post office.

On some occasions the scammers have become abusive over the phone.

Detective Chief Inspector Tim Bower said “Fortunately the message is being shared and most people are realising that these are scams, but it is important that we keep warning people about they different ways in which the scammers are trying to dupe victims.

Please continue to warn any elderly or vulnerable friends or relatives about these scams and if you do receive a phone call like this, hang up and contact the police on 101 from a different phone.

Remember, under no circumstances would the police or banks, ask for you PIN, send a courier to collect your card or ask you to transfer money to a secure account.”

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