Longbridge Convention

Here are the final details of the Longbridge Convention, to which you are invited.

We are looking to get as broad a cross section of the community and service providers as possible. We are in the midst of what is probably the greatest change in the provision of public services for 50 years. We have the choice of sitting back and seeing what happens or influencing what happens. You may not recognise yourself as providing a public service but if you run a scout group, litter pick, have a food bank or just help your neighbours you are surely providing a public service. Whatever term you may use to describe what you do in the community cooperating with other people must surely help; that’s what this convention is about.

Longbridge Convention

Hosted by Longbridge Neighbourhood Watch in association with Frankley Carnival Committee
When – 27th February 2015 3:00 – 7:00pm
Where – Hollymoor Centre, 8 Manor Park Grove, B31 5ER
Why – to build on current best practice in partnership working, professionals working with volunteers and volunteers working with each other.
How – Examine successful partnerships to determine
· Why they work?

· How can they develop

· What new partnerships might be fruitful.
· 3:00 – Signing in, tea and biscuits etc.

· 3:30 – Opening plenary session – Setting the scene

· 4:00 – Relocate

· 4:10 – Workshops

· 4:50 – And back again

· 5:00 – Closing plenary session

Reports from workshops

Discussion chaired by Andy Cartwright

Closing remarks by Tracey Radford, Longbridge Champion

· 6:00 – Buffet and networking.

· 7:00 – Go home
Follow up
· A report to all participants

· What else?
The workshops will be as follows
1. Children, Young People and Families; led by Cara Atkinson

2. Our Community led by Jess Phillips

3. Our Area

4. Services for the Elderly
The event will be chaired by Councillor Andy Cartwright
Tracey Radford, Longbridge Champion, will give the closing remarks.
If you would like to join us for all or part of the event please let us know, email bruceinfrankley@hotmail.co.uk or phone 07779 497263. We have restrictions on numbers and space but don’t let that stop you dropping in to see what’s happening.

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